For spellbinding entertainment that is sure to cause a sensation at all kinds of events, book us today for Tarot Reading at your upcoming event. Always a popular addition to the occasion and are sure to have guests queuing up for a chance to find out guidance about their life and stun even the most skeptical with the intuitive readings. This will be done with the utmost respect and confidence.

Whether it’s a wedding function, bachelor party, or a corporate event. Having Tarot Reading available for your guests will entertain your audience with a fantastic live show that will put the wow factor into celebrations and impress your guests, whatever their entertainment tastes may be.

Book Us Today for Reception, Wedding Bacholate, Corporate, Birthday party, Restaurant opening or any other function.

Wedding Functions

Tarot Reading can be set up during any kind of wedding function you are having. Tarot Reading can be set up at a table within a tent outside or inside the wedding venue. Special and personal readings will be given to everyone that queues up making them feel special and unique. The same amount and attention will be given to every guest who requests a reading.

Corporate Event

Looking to boost work team morale and work bonding, a Tarot Reading can bring that special and unique energy to your annual party. The readings will sway the minds of the most cynical members of your workforce and will ultimately make for a great day/evening out. Readings will be upbeat and light-hearted yet insightful. Tarot Readings are also great for trade shows or product launches.

Party Event

If you are hosting a themed party, Birthday party, or any other celebration then a Tarot Reading will give your guests positive insights, and your guests will be given fun and motivational readings so your guests walk away feeling a bit lighter. Having Tarot Reading at any of your parties will keep your guests relaxed and upbeat and still give each guest stories and insights that they can take home with them.

Festival Event

Any festival like Christmas or Diwali can be made even more exceptional by adding Tarot Readings.

How much does it cost to hire the service of Tarot Reading?

INR-4000/- or USD 54 per hour plus traveling cost depending on the location. Lunch or Dinner needs to be provided.

If the location is out of the city, then stay is required as well with meals.

What are the usual set formats and performance lengths for Tarot Readings?

A Tarot Reading can tailor the readings time to suit you and your event.
However on average a minimum of three hours is required for booking.

How much space will a Tarot Reading setup need at your event?

Tarot Reading will require a table and two comfortable chairs. The minimum table size can be 125×75 cm (49 1/4×29 1/2 “)  or a bit longer as well as the table will be set up with crystals and cards and other holistic accessories for decoration.

Outdoor Set up- This will require a table and two chairs and a tent or a wide umbrella to cover two people. The space should be given near a corner so cards don’t fly off by the sea wind. Also, it’s advisable to set up a bit away from music and the bar so the guests can hear the guidance without getting interrupted by music and also it helps to read cards better as these readings are done by intuition.


For confirming the Booking- Full payment has to be paid at the website itself to confirm the booking.

For any kind of Festival, the amount can differ from the original amount written here. Enquire to know more. 

If any cancellation happens due to any emergency from our side-full refund will be given which was paid.

If any cancellation happens because of moonsoon or a change of event date happens for any reason or any delay happens-No refund will be given. 

If the service is requested to extend for a longer time It solely depends on my availability. Payment for that has to be done on the same day.

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