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Tarot Card Reading is simply reading the energies; it’s not about predicting the future but receiving guidance for your life. We use Tarot Cards and interpret the energies that are shown by the cards for your specific situation and receive guidance for your present and future and also receive answers to your past experiences to understand them better in order to move forward. It provides clarity of thoughts and helps in decision making, choosing the right career path for yourself.

Tarot Cards spreads can also help with- personal relationships, your soul purpose, guidance for attracting the right partner in your life, and even how to let go of the past relationship and move on. Tarot Readings will show you what needs to be released, adapt, so you can create the reality you wish to see, if you feel you are ready to change your life and are looking for a map to guide you then kindly have a look at the below various spreads and choose the one that reflects your situation.

Q1. What voices in my head from my past are blocking me?

Q2. How have I bound myself from seeing the truth?

Q3. What are the things I am unable to see, good or bad?
Q4. What is that one step I need to take to move forward?
Q5. What awaits me if I make these changes?

 Q1. What are my present energies at my work?
 Q2. How can I improve them?
 Q3. What should I avoid doing?
Q4. How are the energies in future if I stay in this job?
Q5. What changes do I need to bring in myself for attracting abundance?
Q6. Anything else I need to know?
Q1. How are the energies of my Business right now?
Q2. What can I do to improve my Business?
Q3. What should I avoid doing?
Q4. What kind of marketing do I need to invest in?
Q5. Future energies for my business?
Q6. What changes I need to bring in myself for attracting abundance?
 Q1. How can I make my Career excel?
Q2. How can I make my love relationship more joyful?
Q3. What can I do to make my Family relationship more harmonious?
Q4. What do I need to adapt in my life for Personal Growth?
Q5. What steps I need to take to get my health better?
Q6. Guidance for Spirituality/Well-being?
Q1. How are my energies with this person right now?
Q2. How does he/she really feel about me?
Q3. What is the highest guidance for this relationship?
Q4. What are the energies for us in the future?
Q5. What can I do to feel more love within myself?
Q6. Any other higher guidance for me?
This is one particular question reading only which will be answered in detail.
 You can ask 3 questions regarding the same situation and answers will be given in detail.
Q1. What am I not able to see?
Q2. How can I cultivate more discipline in life?
Q3. People/Energies that can assist me?
Q4. What is lacking in me that needs to be changed?
Q5. What results await me if I create discipline?

 Q1. Where are you right now?
Q2. Potential challenges?
Q3. What to focus on?
Q4. Your past?
Q5. Your strengths?
Q6. Near future?
Q7. Suggested approach?
Q8. What you need to know?
Q9. Hopes and fears?
Q10. Your potential future?
Q1. What is my soul personality?
Q2. Whats my soul purpose?
Q3. Advice for soul development?
Q4. Advice for progress?
Q5. Am I fulfilling my soul purpose?
Q1. How can I be more patient?
Q2. Why do I need to be compassionate at this time?
Q3. What activities can  nurture me more?
Q4. How to create balance in emotions?
Q5. What awaits me if I follow this?

Q1. Why have I not found them?
Q2. How to overcome it?
Q3. What can I do to meet them?
Q4. How will I know them?
Q5. Where will I find them?
Q6. When will I find them?
Q7. Guidance/Tips?
Q8. My first impression of them?
Q9. Common bond between us?
Q10. Wisdom for the future.?
Q1. The best way to take charge of this situation?
Q2. What practical steps do I need to take?
Q3. What are my strengths?
Q4. What is my biggest fear?
Q5. How can I overcome it?

Q1. Which emotions are creating heaviness?
Q2. Which thoughtforms are creating a burden?
Q3. How can I keep cool at this time?
Q4. Any activity/action that can help?
Q5. Why is flexibility needed at this time?

Q1. Why slowing down will help?
Q2. How can I slow down?
Q3. What can show me the way?
Q4. Which theme of wisdom can help at this point?
Q5. How will my reality shift if I follow this?

Q1. Where is my intuition pointing to?
Q2. What are my fears that are stopping me?
Q3. How can I surrender to the unknown?
Q4. How can I trust myself more?
Q5. What is coming next?

Q1. What’s my current health status?
Q2. How did I create this?
Q3. Action to be taken to improve my health?
Q4. Everyday actions that can improve health?
Q5. What feelings to cultivate to improve health?
Q1. What is causing imbalance in this situation from my side?
Q2. How am I still in a better position?
Q3. What one advice can help me?
Q4. What is my strength?
Q5. What awaits me if I change my attitude?
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