Masculine & Feminine Balancing

yin yang

This M&F Balancing Session with Tarot Reading digs deep within us and is found in both genders and needs to be balanced within usĀ  to live a healthy life. This session brings healing to our feminine energies which usually have been blocked by society or tough parents and teachers. It improves our confidence, trust in ourselves and brings surrender, enhances creativity and improves receptivity. On the other hand , our masculine energies when balanced bring more strength, assertiveness and independence with us. We also start to feel more grounded and thus release the greediness, unhealthy aggression and anger within us. After the session one can see changes where we can follow our dreams and goals without feeling frustrated and jealous and also be comfortable with our emotions as they no longer overwhelm us. Some cultures call it yin and yang energies, some call it Shiva and Shakti energies.

What This Session Involves

This session will start with a Tarot Reading consultation about the current state of your masculine and feminine energies and understand the reason why there is an imbalance. With the help of tarot , you will also receive guidance on how to consciously keep these energies balanced in life. You will be then asked to lay down fully clothed and relax with your eyes closed. We will use Reiki Energies to bring balance and healing while Reiki music will be playing in the background to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

The session may last about 70 minutes. You will also be given a maintained plan to follow at home.

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