Group Meditation Online

During the challenging times of the pandemic, many people were looking for daily practice to bring about peace and a feeling of safety in their lives.

We at “The Fifth Element Spiritual” brought group meditation four times a week for anyone who would like to join meditation for a month or more at a very nominal fee.

Whatever your circumstances we feel a daily moment of practice of meditation with others can really helps you to commit to your own well being. These sessions are guided by the Founder of “The Fifth element Spiritual” and focus in bringing more awareness, peace and calmness in your life.

Do join us, four times a week every month for a nourishing practice and a sense of togetherness.

It’s a very much a community feel and takes place every four days a week on zoom.

The regular timings start at 7:30 am till 8:10 am, Tuesday to Friday every week on zoom, for a month.

The facilitator will open the session, welcome everyone and start guiding the meditation. It’s recommended to not speak during the meditation.

You have the choice of keeping your camera off or on. You can always get in touch later if you face any issues during the meditation.

These sessions are based on Buddhism, positive affirmations and awareness of breath.

Important Note- In case you are going through any traumatic experience in your life or taking medications or going through any psychiatrist treatment, please consult your doctor before joining.

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