Chakra Balancing


Chakra’s Balancing Session with Tarot Reading is a wonderful way to release all the negative emotional blocks which are present in your body and to cleanse the aura. It helps to attract abundance in your life while maintaining a sense of confidence within you. In  this session, we use the energy of Reiki and direct it to purify and balance all seven chakras of the body.

When your energy centers are functioning properly, you become more compassionate and loving, and you are able to maintain healthy relationships.You also have a good ability to heal your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues and have the power to live in the present.

This session is good for people who sometimes feel overwhelmed by outside events that are happening and are sensitive in nature and also looking to learn about your own body’s chakra’s current energies and ready to bring a change in your life by taking charge.

What This Session Involves

The session will start with a Tarot Reading consultation about the current state of your seven chakras. You will be then asked to lie down fully clothed and relax and close eyes. We will start with your root chakra and flow towards crown chakra healing each chakra one by one. We will be playing chakra healing music in the background to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

The session may last about 70 minutes. You will also be given a maintenance plan to follow at home.

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