Meditation if practiced regularly has the most life transforming effects than anything else as far as spiritual tools are concerned. Meditation is also a practice which has lead our most acknowledged saints to enlightenment around the globe. Yet somehow it’s most common to feel a bit hesitant to start any meditation practice on your own. Guided meditations given below depending on your requirement are the most simplest meditations sessions as they are all live guided meditations on daily basis practiced depending on your receptivity of the day. These meditations when done with commitment makes your day more relaxing and helps to be in the present with ease.

Experiments have shown many changes that occur in the brain once we bring this beautiful routine in our life. If you are someone who has never tried mediation or someone who feel channgled by YouTube videos or practicing by your own, then I welcome you to book one of the below sessions and be guided step by step towards less thoughts and more peace in your life in the most loving and gentle form. Let us help you to feel the peace that your soul is craving for.

All sessions are one to one sessions, done online.


Basic Meditation

Advanced Meditation


Children Meditation

All Meditations are available only in Online mode.

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