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A spiritual Journey is not something that only a few people get to walk on; I feel each and everyone one of us is on a spiritual journey whether they know it or not.

The issues any individual encounters in life regarding business or job struggles or couple relationships and family issues or your own personal mind demons which create havoc in life are all there to teach us something so we could evolve. Yet many of us take life as a struggling journey where joy and happiness are something that is always somewhere in the future.

My journey was not different, I spent most of my adult life looking for answers and solutions just like the adults around me did, struggling fighting, standing up, and falling down. Like everyone else I was taught to fight or flight from our everyday troubles and keep on repeating the same behaviors and patterns, my mind knew so well and kept on expecting different results every time and end up being disappointed.

Only when humans realize and get devastated by the external inability to make changes in their life that we are forced to look within. We are forced to stand up and make a decision to end this loop and ask for help. It still surprises me how we look for solutions and answers everywhere except our own mind which is the smartest machine ever been created.

For me, Spirituality is nothing but Advanced Science. With the help of higher energies, healing power from God/Nature or universal energies (you can use any name you like), and correct use of scientific tools we can tap on our own conscious and subconscious minds and change the course of our life. We can make our minds work for us and change the habits that get us to be used by our minds.

I invite you all to see for yourself how our conscious and subconscious mind is always connected with the universal energies and all the answers truly do lay within us. My journey was so much nurtured by these modalities that the highest “Thank you” I could give back to the universe is by helping others to see and transform their life.

Since 2014 when I first learned Reiki, and all other modalities followed, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and using my gifts since 2019 to bring my experience and wisdom to assist individuals like you and me to heal their hearts, mind, and body. Go through the services section and read “frequently asked questions” if needed and feel free to contact me for more information and take that first step towards your own evolution.

My personal suggestion is to go with your gut feeling when choosing what could help you or reading the “frequently asked question section” to know which session or workshop could assist you in your personal journey. All sessions are unique and are done by creator/God/Angels/Intuition/Subconscious mind/universal energies. Sessions are only done by appointment.

It’s a science-based work with the spiritual essence that has been proven and has been used for eons by our ancestors and is now being used by hospitals and many renowned healers all around the world. You have brought yourself here today, trust your intuition.

Lastly don’t forget to thank the universe today.


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