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31 Days Of Self-Love Workshop

No matter how young or old we are, we have all been guilty of repeating mistakes in our life. A simple habit of not being able to get up on time can have a stressful effect on our life if left unchecked.
What about the habits of our emotional responses that create anger, frustration, self-sabotage, guilt, jealousy, overwhelming emotions, and so on. Research shows that these habits did not happen overnight; we adapted them little by little into our lives and psyche, until they became second nature.
And sometimes no matter how much we consciously wish to respond to certain situations in a healthy way, we end up reacting in a negative way and have no awareness of it at the time and thus end up harming ourselves.
This “31 Days Of Self-Love Workshop” online workshop is a personalized workshop that creates a customized plan. This is tailor-made from the answers you supply in the questionnaire.
These answers should be based on the personal life challenges that you face every day. A weekly plan will be sent to you for a month. This will include things for you to do on a daily basis that will ultimately affect your emotional, physical, intellectual, and your spiritual well-being. The more open and truthful and realistic your answers are in the questionnaire, the greater benefit you will gain from the workshop.
The success of the workshop and long term changes will depend on your active participation in the workshop so kindly only apply if you are serious about making this commitment and create a new and fresh you.

It Is A 31 Days Online Workshop Facilitated On WhatsApp/Email

Assignments will be sent to you, No need of fixed timings. You just need to check your Email/Whatsapp assignments and follow it the whole day. Minerva is available for any clarification or assistance you may require.

Workshop Highlights

Its An Online Workshop.

It’s time to strategize your life with spiritual guidance and proven scientific tools, let’s transform your subconscious, let’s transform your life.
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