Theta Healing

It truly is a real science-based modality that shows a client to see how deeper issues are present in our subconscious mind which are harming us and how they can be replaced by new, positive beliefs during the session just like working with a software program on a computer. Theta healing can help with- anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, addictions, lack of confidence, relationship difficulties, various kinds of fear, suppressed issues, hurtful memories, career issues, stress, and much more.
Each of us has the power to really enhance our standard of living by addressing and questioning our beliefs system and making some long-lasting changes so by habit we end up following healthy thoughts and behavior and ThetaHealing helps you to become free from old repeating patterns of behavior, You feel empowered to make different, healthier choices and positive changes in your life after the session.

What does the session involves?

Theta Healing Session is done online and  In-person, The results are the same (informing you by experience) The session involves you laying down at your home on bed or sofa with the phone camera set up at your face. The reason is simply for me to be able to see your energy. No recordings are allowed from either side. Please keep your phone on silent mode and make sure you are not disturbed for the time period of the session. Also, keep a glass of water with you and use the washroom before we start the session.

The session usually lasts an hour.

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