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 It’s always recommended to go with your gut feeling when choosing any session as your intuitive intelligence and seventy trillion cells know what it needs and is far more intelligent than you give credit for. You can also read the below descriptions of each session, workshop, and Retreat and choose which resonates with your issues, circumstances, and time frame.


Tarot Reading – I recommend choosing any spread which directly relates to your issue. business, job, relationships, mental health, love energies, future love, and more are some of the spreads having a number of questions given to cover the issue from a 360-degree angle. Tarot Readings are less for prediction and more aligned towards what changes you need to make and how to make them create and manifest your chosen reality. If you find you are kind of an individual who once knows the way towards his/her goal and has the courage to walk the talk. kindly choose the Tarot Reading Session. To know more or book, kindly read about it at this link-

Theta Healing Session- Theta Healing Session is an all-rounder modality, it truly can help to release any ongoing, repeating patterns from past and present that you feel you have no control over. It helps to shift your subconscious, neurons, DNA (energetic wise). It teaches your cells and soul to release what is no longer serving you in your life, may that be a person, a memory, a behavior pattern, thoughts, or any idea, trauma that just refuses to let go of you. To know more or book, kindly read about it at this link-

Reiki Session with Tarot Reading– This session is suitable for anyone who wants to focus majorly on physical healing. This can be physical pain, an illness that you are suffering from, and so on. Reiki healing also helps in removing any negative energy from your aura. To know more or book, kindly read about it at this link-

Chakras Balancing with Tarot Reading- This session suitable for anyone who has a bit of awareness about chakras in their body. We have seven major chakras in our body and each one is directly responsible for our wellbeing. It’s a wonderful session for aligning our chakras and balancing the energy centers. To know more or book, kindly read about it at this link-

Crystal Healing with Tarot Reading-  A wonderful session for anyone who knows the magic of crystals. As they grow deep down under the earth over centuries and each crystal contains its particular powerful healing energy helping our atoms and molecules to release any stagnant energies and thought-forms which create barriers in our growth. They are extremely helpful in opening and healing our 114 chakras in our psychic body. To know more or book, kindly read about it at this link-

Learning Basic Meditation- One of my favorite sessions for anyone who wants to dive into a beautiful discipline that nourishes your brain/mind and body and brings more focus and awareness in your life. The sessions are one-to-one live and individually guided and not group or recorded sessions. These sessions teach and train your body and mind to be at one place without getting restless without any effort and provide the platform of understanding that meditation is not about becoming or doing but more about being and doing nothing. It creates a platform for your mind for centeredness. It slowly creates a pause between thought and reaction. To know more or book, kindly read about it at this link-

Advanced Meditation- This is especially for individuals who already have been doing mediation on their own or have done basic meditation from us and now are looking to take their practice into more ease and natural state. When there remains no individual doing mediation but the presence of the moment and you become one. To know more or book, kindly read about it at this link-

Workshops- All workshops are based on what their name suggests, kindly read the particular workshop link to understand more in-depth. They are group-based and individual-based depending on the availability of seats.

Retreats- Each retreat is designed to take you through an experience of a lifetime. These retreats are not there to only awaken your soul during the days of the retreats but also equip you to follow and train you to continue feeling bliss at home as well. Each retreat provides scientific-based tools which once followed flourish your life. These retreats are there to give you a jump start for new you. To know more or book, kindly read about it at this link-

Kindly remember these are scientific modalities with spiritual essence to them so one must understand and value the energy and time. I would recommend not being so rigid about the date and time when you choose these sessions. Remain open to having sessions depending on the availability of the right energies as well. We can mutually decide the time and day when to have these sessions after you have booked.

PS- You are not buying a shampoo bottle where you pay and bring it home. Each session is private and based on the energies and personal hardships that you are going through. Be lenient and open.

I personally recommend doing the session on a day when you have free time for yourself after the session. I suggest avoiding too much mental work after the session. Always remember you may find yourself emotionally open and vulnerable after the session, so always better to have a minimum of 2 to 3 hours free for yourself to simply acknowledge the transformation that has happened during the session.

Reiki Session, Crystal Session, Chakras Session, and Retreats- are to be done in person only as the presence always creates more openness for receiving energies fully.

All Meditations sessions and workshops are available online only.

Tarot Reading and Theta Healing– These modalities have the same results online or In-person, depending on the availability. (Know this by experience since covid hit)

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